The bigger picture

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Sister organizations

The G1000 is part of a worldwide trend: in a lot of democracies, the peoples have become more assertive, media landscapes have changed and governments have become more interested in input from their people (more than only elections). From early on, the G1000 has been connected with this trend. Moreover, the G1000 has instated partnerships with foreign organizations.


Australia: NewDemocracy Foundation (

An independent foundation, studying and stimulating democratic reform in Australia and worldwide.

  • A member of the G1000-academics team was selected to join the international NewDemocracy Foundation Board and Supporters. This council consists of some of the world’s best researchers. Through this council’s network, further partnerships with renowned institutions can be developed, like the National University of Australia and Harvard University in the U.S.


Germany: Mehr Demokratie (

Biggest organization for democratic innovation in Germany.

  • Mehr Demokratie has been an important source of inspiration for the continuation of the G1000.


Ireland: We the Citizens (

A huge citizen ´ s forum in Ireland.

  • The founder of “We The Citizens” was present at the G1000 in Tour and Taxis, as an observer.
  • Some members of the G1000-team have been invited to speech at “We The People”-congresses, such as the “Beyond The Ballot”-symposium of the Participatory and Deliberative Democracy Specialist Group of the Political Studies Association of Ireland (
  • Moreover, there is an organic partnership between the University of Dublin and the G1000, which leads to further colloquia in Dublin and Brussels


The Netherlands: Netwerk Democratie (

The most important organization for democratic innovation in The Netherlands.

  • Under the name of “My Interest, Your Interest”, Netwerk Democratie and the G1000 co-organised a debate on the future of general interest.
  • While Netwerk Democratie and the G1000 co-organize gatherings in Amsterdam and The Hague, ND-representatives closely follow up on all things G1000.


Spain: Democracia real ya (

  • This organization keeps contact and exchanges with the G1000.


US: Deliberative Democracy Consortium (

This netwerk of over 50 U.S. universities and organizations brings together researchers and experts on the topic of deliberative democracy.

  • Within this consortium, there was a lot of attention for the G1000. Through the DDC-website, they provided the G1000 with a channel for the distribution of information, thus reinforcing ties with U.S.-organizations, such as “America Speaks”.


Transnational organizations

Democracy International (

Most influential and authoritative foundation on citizen participation in Europe.

  • Organic contacts and deliberation between their representatives and the G1000.
  • Collective performances at international gatherings in Paris, Nonnweiler and Berlin.
  • Important source of inspiration for the future of the G1000.


Citizens for Europe (

Based in Berlin, this umbrella of non-governmental organizations supports and stimulates the citizen participation of European citizens.

  • One of their representatives was a member of the team of international observers, present at the G1000 in Tour&Taxis.
  • Through the “Citizens for Europe”-network contacts with similar European initiative can be established and the concept of best practices can be instated.
  • The G1000 was the first Belgian organization to be allowed to be a member of this network.
  • Fundamental sparring partner of the G1000.
  • Collective performances at international gatherings in Paris, Nonnweiler and Copenhagen.